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Gaithersburg, MD Residence

The homeowners of this residence hired Jud Tile to redesign their kitchen and install new entryway flooring. The objective of the kitchen remodel was to open up the space and improve the functionality. We completely redesigned the layout using 20/20 design software. The wall between the old kitchen and dining room was removed to improve sightlines, making the kitchen feel bigger. Removing the wall also allowed the light from the adjacent dining room window to brighten the kitchen space. All the base cabinets were designed at a custom height to accommodate the owners’ tall stature, making the countertops more comfortable for them as they cook. Special consideration was also taken in selecting the colors of the cabinets, backsplash, floor tile, and walls so that the new kitchen blended seamlessly with the now visible adjacent spaces. The addition of detailed crown molding and wall and door casings was the final touch. The end result is a beautifully coordinated kitchen with plenty of counter space and professional-grade appliances, making cooking and entertaining a pleasure.
For the entry way, the owners’ objective was to find a tile that coordinated with the kitchen color scheme as well as complimenting their existing furniture. Ultimately, natural stone was selected for its beauty. The clients loved the variation of color which tied everything together and wanted to be sure to get a good mix. Because of its variation, special care was taken when installing the tile to ensure the “random” pattern remained random. This level of detail is what makes Jud Tile standout in the remodeling industry.